After the Minister of State for Communications and Minister of State for Municipal Affairs, Dr. Rana Al-Faris, and Minister of Social Affairs and Minister of State for Housing Affairs Mubarak Al-Aro, with the decision of the Council of Ministers decided to allocate land south of Qairawan, has gone with the wind after the Environment Public Authority refused to remove the trees citing violation of the law.

The head of the Parliamentary Housing Committee Fayez Al-Jumhur announced the EPA refused to remove the existing trees due to its conflict with the law, and secondly, the difficulty of transportation.

In the face of this legal and technical argument, the “Parliamentary Housing” began searching for alternatives, according to what was reported, including the wood scrap area and the land south of Umm al-Hayman, in an attempt by the committee to cover its failure to study the habitable sites legally and technically.

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