The Ministry of Social Affairs said its Charity Societies Department, has handed over the ‘user’ password to about 64 charity societies to enter the automated system for collecting donations, which the Ministry is working to launch soon, after it completes collecting the data for each association separately.

The sources, told a local Arabic daily, the ministry will then upload charitable projects on the special platform in accordance with the rules and conditions in force in requests to implement annual charitable projects inside and outside Kuwait, which fall within 6 models — construction (internal and external), social development (internal and external), and guarantees (internal and external), in addition to various projects (internal and external), external relief campaigns only.

The sources confirmed that the approved electronic mechanism for collecting donations enjoys a high degree of confidentiality in preserving the data and information of associations, up to 100%, and it is expected that the automated system will be launched before the beginning of next year.

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