Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Community Development Abdulaziz Shuaib announced that the Ministry of Social Affairs sponsors 1,064 people through the Family Nursery Department, including 645 children taken care of by Kuwaiti families, under continuous supervision and follow-up by the Ministry.

This came when he was speaking on the occasion of the annual celebration of the (Arab Day of the Orphan), which was held yesterday evening at the Children’s Home Theater of the Family Nursery Department in the Social Care Homes complex, reports a local Arabic daily.

Shuaib stated, “The care and sponsorship of orphans in Kuwait is deep-rooted, of authentic origin, which Kuwait has known through ages and times because we are a people built on the love of goodness, altruism, and sacrifice.”

He explained that the Kuwaiti experience in the field of orphan care is a pioneering experience and an example to follow.

For his part, the Assistant Undersecretary for Social Welfare, Muslim Al-Subaie, spoke about the importance of the Arab Orphan Day, touching on the most important achievements.

He said these are the fruits of dedicated efforts of those in charge and those working in the administration, including the marriage of 9 members of the family nursery and the provision of financial and moral support to them and helping them towards independence and integration in the society.

Al-Subaie referred to the project of the surrogate mother and the surrogate father inside the Children’s Home and the resulting psychological and behavioral stability for the children, as this matter contributed to raising their psychological compatibility.

Al-Subaie mentioned that there are currently 5 surrogate mothers and surrogate fathers, all of whom work for 5 continuous days a week inside the home according to a technical and educational methodology to create a sound social upbringing for the children, and that the children are distributed within these homes according to age groups.

Al-Subaie said that the sector has recently launched (the new safe house) according to an educational system to help these children towards instilling Islamic concepts and social values, so that they can face the challenges of society and integrate into it with the presence of a surrogate mother and a surrogate father and a specialized team working around the clock.

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