In the first week of the holy month of Ramadan the field inspection teams formed by the Ministry of Social Affairs to monitor and remove the violations during the collection of donations more than 160 violations, which varied between 30 kiosks violating the collection of worn-out clothes, and 130 advertisement hoardings including 100 commercial advertisements for companies operating in the private sector, and 20 for charities were detected.

Al-Jarida daily added this is in addition to 10 advertisements that were hung on the walls of mosques in violation of the regulations of the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, which prohibited placing advertisements on the walls of mosques from the inside or outside.

According to the sources the Ministry of Social Affairs in coordination with inspectors from the Kuwait Municipality removed the violating “kiosks”, in addition to removing the advertisements from mosque that call for breaking the fast.

The sources pointed out that regarding the violations of the commercial companies, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry was addressed to take the necessary action, calling on those in charge of charity work to adhere to the controls and requirements regulating the donation project in order to avoid legal accountability.

The sources called on worshipers not to comply with calls made for donations in violation of the law, and to make sure that the entities are licensed and approved by the Ministry, to ensure that donations are delivered to those who deserve them, and to avoid using the money in matters far from its primary goal, stressing at the same time that “cash” donations are prohibited inside mosques and can be done only through bank deductions or via the Knet deductions.

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