The Court of Cassation has sentenced a man to capital punishment for slitting the throat of his sister with a knife due to differences between them.

A local Arabic daily quoting security sources said according to the testimony of the victim’s family the killer had detained his sister in a room of the family house in Taima for over a month before finally carrying out the dastardly act.

The security sources said when the Ministry of Interior operations received a report from the girl’s family security men and paramedics went to the place and found the girl squatted on the ground, soaked in her blood, and soon a man approached security forces, who turned out to be her brother, and said, “I slaughtered her,” and handed over to them the knife with which he had killed her.

During investigation he confessed to killing his sister, by slitting her throat with a knife, following which he was arrested and referred to the concerned authority.

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