Despite the good organization, the Expatriate Labor Examination Center in Shuwaikh is overcrowded following the return of expatriates after a lull that lasted several months because of the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions imposed by Kuwait.

A local Arabic daily quoting an official at the center said 2,000 workers are examined daily. “We receive domestic workers from eight in the morning to one in the afternoon, and then we receive company workers from two to five in the evening, and despite this, the pressure is great and crowding still exists,” said an official at the center.

On the reason for the delay in increasing the examination centers or enhancing the number of employees, he said, “There are currently four examination centers covering all regions with hundreds of staff members and added doubling these centers is a matter of time and in the hands of the Ministry of Health according to available capabilities,” stressing that “the intensity of overcrowding decreased during the past few days compared to initial stages and it will decrease significantly with the opening of the field examination center in Mishref after the Eid holidays.”

Meanwhile, an education source told the daily that overcrowding in the labor examination centers has led to delays in the hiring of about 232 cleaners, who applied for their appointment to the Ministry of Education and even the foreign schools are facing the same problem.

The source stated the delay does not only affect private companies, but also all sectors of the country that need manpower.

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