The shipping agency said the tugboats of the Suez Canal Authority refloated the ship (Glory), which ran aground in the canal earlier today. The agency added that 21 southbound ships will resume transit of the canal, with slight delays expected.

The navigation traffic in the Suez Canal, which crosses 10% of global trade, operated normally despite the malfunction suffered by the M/V Glory ship, reports a local Arabic daily.

Osama Rabie head of the Canal Authority said in a statement that “the navigation movement in the canal is regular, and we dealt professionally with the ship’s machinery malfunction,” which the shipping company, “Laith”, which operated it, revealed that it had been floated.

The company had previously stated on Twitter that a ship called (Glory) ran aground in the Suez Canal while it was crossing with the southbound convoy near the city of Kantara, while tug boats were trying to float it.

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