The latest report issued by the Central Administration for Statistics shows that the ratio of expatriate employees in the government sector decreased by 70 percent in 2022 relative to what it was four years ago. Meanwhile, the ratio of Kuwaiti employees in the public sector rose to 80 percent.

The report revealed that the number of Kuwaitis in the public-sector undertakings rose to 366,238 employees while that of expatriates fell to 91,000 in 2022. Most of the expatriates in the government sector were concentrated in the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education.

The report also indicated that the volume of employment in 16 fully state-owned enterprises stood at 29,170 workers, of whom Kuwaitis represent 71 percent. The report also added that 73 percent of the total workers in the government sector are employed in just three entities — Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and Kuwait Flour Mills and Bakeries Company.

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