When “revenge” is from a “burnt heart”, its lyrical results are record-breaking. The last song of the Colombian singer Shakira, which she released Thursday as a video clip, has garnered 90 million views on the popular video site “YouTube” until Jan 14 evening, and it was remarkable that she was mocking the Spanish soccer star Gerard Pique, with whom she separated last year.

While the British newspaper “The Guardian” described the song as “brusque”, it indicated in a report it published that the number of views that the video achieved within 24 hours of its release, which amounted to 63 million, makes it the most watched “Latin” song in the history of the platform.

Shakira collaborated on the new song, in which she talked about “the replacement”, with the famous Argentine producer and DJ Bazzarab.

In one of the clips of the song, Shakira says: “You have become out of your league, and this explains why you are with someone like you.” In another clip, “I got on another plane, and I will not return here, because I do not want more disappointments.”… “And when I needed you, you gave me the worst of you.”

Among the song’s lyrics, Shakira sometimes compares cars and that Pique replaced his model with a lesser type, or dispensed with his watch to use another type of watch that she considered to be of a lower standard.

The separation took place between Shakira and Pique last year, after a relationship that lasted for about 12 years, and they had two children, and the two are still engaged in a legal dispute, after the singer discovered what she said was betrayal on the part of Pique.

According to reports, after the separation, Pique, 35, who was playing for Barcelona, entered into a relationship with a 23-year-old girl named Carla Chia Marty.

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