The protective gloves that self-sterilize is expected to enter the market soon. These are the latest innovation of inventor Dr. Mishary Al-Mutairi.

Revealing that the gloves were invented during the coronavirus pandemic, Al-Mutairi said in an interview with an Arabic daily that he has taken out a patent for his invention.

Explaining how it works, he said the gloves are constructed similar to any other gloves, except that it has three layers, an outer layer that touches things, and a middle layer that secretes a sterilization agent if a person comes into contact with any external body, and an inner layer.

He pointed out that it would protect humans from viruses and the transmission of infection, as it sterilizes anything that a person touches.

Al-Mutairi remarked that the protective gloves are going into production, while the patent has been sent to the United States for approvals for manufacturing.

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