Two intruders barged into the chambers of the lower house unlawfully and threw objects that emitted fluorescent gas. The two boys, believed to be in their late 20s, are said to have received their passes from BJP MP from Mysore, Pratap Simha, as learnt from some Lok Sabha MPs.

It has been learnt from Shiv Sena MP Arvind that an MP caught one of the persons whilst the other went around jumping on the benches. He opened his shoes to take out the cannister which emitted yellow smoke.

The Upper House will take up the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation (Second Amendment) Bill and the Government of Union Territories (Amendment) Bill, 2023, as passed by the Lok Sabha on Tuesday. Both Bills will be discussed together.

In the Lower House, members put forth questions to the telecom, food and public distribution, and rail ministry. Furthermore, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman successfully introduced the Provisional Collection of Taxes Bill, 2023 and Central Goods and Services Act (Second Amendment) Bill, 2023. They would be taken up for discussion and passing later.

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