Saudi Arabia Finance Minister Muhammad Al-Jadaan said that the country has adopted a new approach in helping allied countries, Al-Jarida reported. The official said that Saudi used to provide grants and aid to its allies directly without conditions, and it seeks to change that, adding that Saudi urges countries in the region to carry out reforms.

“We need to see reforms, tax our people, and expect others to do the same, and to make an effort. We want to help, but we want you to play your part,” Al-Jadaan said.

He pointed out that despite the fact that China is Saudi’s largest trading partner, the United States is also a strategic partner, noting that Saudi aims to bridge the gap between Washington and Beijing, and to liaise between China and the United States or others.

In addition, Saudi ambassador to the United States Rima bint Bandar Al Saud confirmed on Wednesday that preserving the long-term strategic partnership between Riyadh and Washington is “extremely necessary” for global stability. Al-Saud stressed the importance of the 80-year-old US-Saudi relations, specifying that the two countries “stand by each other when necessary”.

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