More than 1,000 people across Saudi Arabia came to Juman Park in King Abdullah Economic City to participate in the country’s first yoga festival arranged by the Saudi Yoga Committee on Saturday, reported Arab News.

The event included people aged 10 to 60 who participated in a variety of activities, yoga techniques, and the art of mindfulness.

According to the newspaper, it all started with yoga on the lawn, and participants at the festival got the opportunity to practice yoga, view various performances, observe yoga studio demos and learn about the services they offered.

During the one-day event, there were almost eight hours of lessons and lectures by Saudi and worldwide yoga experts.

Furthermore, many people chose to sit and rest in the shade, where mats, cushions, and rugs were available, and the day was filled with great energy and acceptance.

Nouf bint Muhammad Al-Maroui, the chairperson of the Saudi Yoga Committee, said she was amazed by the number of visitors and the enthusiastic, positive reaction, reported the newspaper.

In her address to visitors, she said that Saudi Arabia was witnessing a remarkable development in all sectors and also in the quality of life due to great support from the government.

“The festival was a great success and I am happy that not only Saudis welcomed but also embraced our thoughts on yoga, which was the sole purpose of the event,” she told Arab News.

She emphasized the positive aspects of yoga in life and said, “We want to promote yoga to families and encourage it in the country. We want Saudis to start their day with yoga, which does not take more than 20 minutes a day, which anyone can easily spare.”

People who participated in the event also had a positive response.
“What a great festival!” 38-year-old Sara Al-Madani commented.
She added, “So well laid out and organized, with excellent instructors! I praise everyone, including all who attended this great day. I look forward to next year!”, reported the newspaper.

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