In a horrific incident in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, a waiter was beaten to death by angry guests at a wedding after she accidentally touched unclean dishes he was carrying touched one of the guests.

On November 18, the body of a waiter named Pankaj was found in the nearby forest in Garhi Katia village.

Later, police revealed that the waiter was brutally beaten to death by wedding guests when the unclean plates of food he was carrying accidentally touched one of the guests.

When the waiter lost consciousness after being beaten, the accused threw the victim into the forest, the police said, adding that after investigating the case, a man associated with the wedding hall and two other employees were arrested, and Pankaj’s body was handed over to his family after an autopsy.

The police issued a detailed statement about the incident, revealing that the young man died after sustaining a serious injury to his head. During the investigation, it became clear that Pankaj had to work as a waiter at a wedding to secure some money to live on.

Police officials also visited the wedding hall and conducted interrogation of the employees, and the hall workers provided important evidence about the incident on the fateful day.

The police also spoke to Pankaj’s family members who said he sometimes worked as a waiter in marriage halls.

According to the family, when Pankaj went out for work, he did not return home for several days. We received news of his death and that his body was found in the forest.

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