The general director of the Russian company “Kerasa”, Vladimir Kormushin, announced the creation of a camouflage set that makes the fighter invisible to thermal imaging devices, and also allows him to blend with the terrain.

“Our goal is to provide the fighters with a disguise that makes them literally invisible to the enemy,” Kormushin said. “Today we have the task of protecting soldiers from different wavelengths, including thermal, and this is possible due to the availability of new specialized materials,” reports Al-Rai daily quoting Kerasa.

“We are not talking about jamming systems or electronic warfare that can be attached to a soldier. The effect of invisibility is achieved thanks to special fabrics with appropriate dyes,” he added.

He went on to say, “The ideal effect, is to make such clothes so that the fighter is not visible with the changing external background, and so that he remains in the evening and in the morning, and under the sun and in the field and in the forest, but everywhere invisible. The disguise must change itself, like a chameleon.”

Kormushin indicated that these developments could be provided by the Foundation as part of the research work to equip the soldier of the future, the Legionnaire.

Kerasa is one of the leading domestic developers and manufacturers of protection, personal armor and personal combat equipment for the Ministry of Defense, the FSB and other law enforcement agencies in Russia.

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