The procedures for examining the certificates of engineers residing in the country did not exclude any new or old residents, some of whom have been in the profession for more than 40 years.

This is done to sift through the labor market and purify it from fake profession. The Society of Engineers, in cooperation with the Public Authority for Manpower, continues the look into the certificates issued by Arab and foreign universities, to ensure the engineering profession is not abused, irrespective whether they are citizens or residents.

The society took up the issue of a 84-year-old Palestinian engineer identified only as M.H. when he finally submitted a request to renew the ‘work permit’ who has been working for 48 years in Kuwait under the profession ‘engineer’.

During a meeting with the interviewers to complete the accreditation procedures, he claimed to have graduated during the erstwhile Soviet Union, and has been practicing his profession in Kuwait since 1974, and throughout this period he did not have to submit his certificate for accreditation.

After the request was sent for approval by PAM a date was fixed for the procedures to be carried out, and the certificate was approved; the step was praised because it preserves the rights of workers in its field.

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