The Environment Public Authority confirmed its follow-up to the communication from the Regional Organization for the Protection of the Marine Environment (ROPME) about monitoring a limited oil leak in the Basra region.

Chairman of the Board of Directors and EPA Director General Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmad, said that based on the communication received from ROPME to monitor an oil leak in the Basra region, a team from the authority followed up the communication in coordination with the organization via satellite images to find out the source of the oil spill, and it was found that the spill came from Mina al-Bakr of the Republic of Iraq, and the oil spill was controlled by them, reports a local Arabic daily.

He added that coordination was made between the Coast Guard General Department of the Ministry of Interior and the Naval Force of the Ministry of Defense to conduct a survey on the marine area within Kuwaiti territorial waters, and no pollution was detected.

He explained that the patrols of the Ministry of Interior in the northern region and the naval force on Boubyan Island were assigned to complete the monitoring, and to report immediately if any pollution was detected.

Meanwhile, the EPA announced that its air quality monitoring stations have recorded excesses in the concentration of fine particles, which are above the permissible limits of national standards.

In a statement to a local Arabic daily, the authority advised citizens and residents who suffer from respiratory diseases to avoid staying in the open air for long periods at the present time.

The EPA explained that this rise coincided with the change in climatic conditions that the country is currently witnessing, with an increase in the activity of northwest winds, whose speed exceeds 60 kilometers per hour, which contributed to the increase in the volatility of suspended dust, which causes a high concentration of fine particles.

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