The Supreme Committee for Royal Pardon announced that people sentenced to up to three years can be released from prison and stay at home during the period of their imprisonment while wearing electronic tracking bracelets.

“This mechanism applies only to the Kuwaitis and the stateless people [Bidoon] and not the expatriates,” head of the Supreme Committee for the Royal Committee Mohammed Al Duaj said, an Arabic Daily reported.

The use of electronic bracelets for petty convicts, to be released from jail under certain conditions, will not cover expatriates, media reported.

According to the media reports, The inmate covered by this measure must have a permanent residence. The convict will be obliged to stay in his house to complete the period of his jailing, which means he will not go out unless for extreme necessity, and with prior permission, Violators of the rules will be returned to prison.

The new measure covers convicts who get jail terms starting from one day to a maximum of three years for traffic and some criminal offenses.

The move aims at reducing the number of prisoners and the cost for the state.

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