ST2003040711/wong/chef at this restaurant now wear masks due to saes at my humble house at the esplanade.

Staff and workers at all restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, food facilities, stands and warehouses are compelled to wear medical face masks and gloves at work, Public Authority for Food and Nutrition announced on Sunday.

The authority said in a statement that managers of these facilities must secure all needed sanitation materials for both workers and customers, along with ensuring the proper handling of all kinds of food, and a tighter inspection on cleanliness of the buildings.

Government inspection teams will check these facilities to ensure that the necessary hygiene measure are in place and examine health certificates, as part of the extraordinary precautions against coronavirus.

People in the sector who do not adhere to these instructions will be liable by law. The authority, established in 2013, looks after adherence to health regulations in various sectors at the national level.

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