According to a decision issued by the Minister of Electricity and Water, Eng. Ali Al-Mousa, the installation of electric vehicle chargers in homes and various facilities will beging within 60 days, an Arab daily reported. The decision mentioned about determining the technical specifications and rules governing the use of these chargers, as well as its executive regulations which will be published in the Official Gazette, “Kuwait Al-Youm,” in its issue to be released on Sunday.

The vehicle chargers, according to the report, will be installed in the first phase of implementing the decision until December 2025 in several destinations, such as establishments, institutions, government bodies, commercial establishments, investment facilities, government administrative buildings, fuel filling stations, private housing, highways and main streets. It was also stipulated that chargers should be installed in private housing through alternating current to prevent the electrical load capacity of one charger from exceeding 22 kilowatts per hour.

In addition, the installation of these chargers is conditional upon submission of an application to the ministry’s electrical distribution networks sector. Such is the case when delivering a new current or another existing booster, while adhering to the technical specifications as specified by the ministry. The consumption tariff would also be calculated in accordance with the tariff stipulated in Law 20 of 2016 and its executive regulation, with the prohibition of reselling electricity at a tariff exceeding what is legally established, provided that the implementation of the decision takes effect 60 days after its publication in the Official Gazette.

Moreover, the first phase will not permit the constant current chargers to be installed in private housing and agricultural holdings, based on the annex of the decision, as well as the installation of chargers during the first stage in stables and agricultural holdings. The decision will also not allow the installation of constant current chargers in private housing.

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