The Ministry of Education begins the registration of new students in the primary stage from today, according to the address in the respective educational districts, provided that the following documents are submitted:

A local Arabic daily said the student to be registered must bring the following documents.

  • The original nationality of the father, the civil ID, and two copies of each
  • The student’s original birth certificate and two copies thereof
  • 4 recent personal photos of the student (4×6)
  • The student’s original civil ID and two copies thereof
  • Health test certificate to prove the health fitness of the student

On the other hand, the Ministry of Education has called on school administrations to activate the role of rapid intervention teams and medical clinics in schools to serve students during the fasting period.

Well-informed educational sources told the daily that there are some cases of students who are sick and cannot fast during the month of Ramadan and therefore need follow-up and service, whether in the medical clinic or through the rapid intervention team at the school, stressing the need to communicate with the guardian in any emergency case, should the need arise, God forbid.

The sources indicated that for the first time in nearly 12 years, students will be in school during the entire holy month of Ramadan, with the exception of the exam period.

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