The head of the Kuwait University Faculty Members Association, Dr Shamlan Al-Qinai, said the association was informed of a plan to reduce the university’s budget, and stressed any budget reduction will directly affect the educational process and the research process at the Kuwait University.

A local Arabic daily quoting Dr. Shamlan Al-Qena’i said the budget cut will affect a number of important items at the university, which directly affect its ability to provide academic divisions and educational quality. He pointed out the two most important items that will be affected by the budget cut are the summer semester and the additional teaching burden, which means the university will not be able to meet the needs of its students. He pointed out that other items will also be affected including the scientific missions of professors and research, and merit bonuses, and that the budget cut will extend even to supporting textbooks for students.

Al-Qena’i called for excluding the educational sector in general, and Kuwait University in particular, from any policies to reduce the budget, indicating that the education sector should not be affected as it is the mainstay to prepare future generation, especially since Kuwait University accepts numbers exceeding its capacity, being the only public university in the country until at the moment.

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