The Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) in the Philippines will file recruitment violation cases against the recruitment agencies of slain Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), Jullebee Ranara, 35, whose charred body was found in a desert in Al-Salmi area a week ago. DMW Undersecretary Bernard Olalia told the press that a preventive suspension has also been issued against Ranara’s Kuwaiti employer based on the case’s existing information. The official said that a preventive suspension means the employer would not be allowed to hire a Filipino worker and may eventually be blacklisted.

Olalia called upon the representatives of the PRA (Philippine Recruitment Agency) and the FRA (Foreign Recruitment Agency) after examination of the facts involved, in which recruitment violation cases will be filed against the PRA and FRA next week. In addition, cases will be filed against the Catalist International Manpower Services Company and the Platinum International Office for Recruitment of Domestic Manpower, the Philippine and Kuwaiti agencies, respectively, that facilitated Ranara’s deployment.

He added that recruitment agencies are obliged to continuously monitor the living and working conditions of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), as well as reach out to them, assess their workplace and validate their complaints against employers. He said that based on initial investigations, the PRA and FRA fall short of fulfilling the welfare assessment of the workers. In the case of Ranara, Olalia said the department did not receive any report. The victim’s remains arrived Friday night, and witnessed by officials led by DMW Secretary Susan Ople. Ranara orphaned four children.

The DMW will meet with local recruitment agencies that send household service workers (HSWs) to Kuwait on Monday, noting that the department has a platform called OFW Welfare Monitoring System and an online helpdesk ( where reports may be filed. (PNA)

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