Reconnaissance Research, announced an upcoming closed forum with a visiting delegation from Energy Intelligence. The event will take place at the end of this month, bringing together industry experts and stakeholders for an in-depth exploration of key topics affecting the global energy landscape.

Energy Intelligence, a premier energy information company, boasts over 70 years of experience in delivering objective reporting and analysis on the energy sector. The team visiting Kuwait to participate in the forum consists of:

1. Abhi Rajendran – Director, Oil Markets Research
2. Ian Nathan – Director, Gas and LNG Research
3. Colby Connelly – Senior Research Analyst
4.  Julien Mathonniere – Senior Oil Markets Correspondent
5. Sam Ghrairi – EMEA Sales Director and I will be attending.
6. Ahmed Eissa – Regional Sales Manager Middle East & Africa


Those seasoned experts will offer a unique perspective on the driving forces behind the world’s most pressing energy challenges. And the closed forum will feature discussions on topics such as:

• Oil Market Outlook: price forecast, supply/demand expectations, and long-term view
• Gas and LNG Market Drivers: European demand, LNG project outlook, and long-term view
• Global Geopolitical Risks: from Ukraine to the Mideast Gulf and Asia
• Pathways and Signposts for the Energy Transition
• Expectations for Corporate Strategies

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