Shk. Sabah Mohammed Sabah Al-Salim - Shk. Thamer Al-Ali Al-Sabah - Ambassador of Japan.

In a festive Ramadan atmosphere, Reconnaissance Research hosted ambassadors and representatives of diplomatic missions at its Diwaniya in Kuwait City.

The center’s Founder and CEO, Abdulaziz Al-Anjeri said: “As a unique Kuwaiti tradition, the Dewaniya is always given much attention by foreign ambassadors and diplomats. This event in particular was an opportunity for them to openly communicate with the center’s members, board of advisors and guests about a host of issues in the center’s well-established context of frank and dynamic discussion that avoids the stagnation of diplomatic formality.

Yousef Alghusain – Australian Ambassador – Canadian Ambassador

“The Diwaniya witnessed various vibrant discussions about local and international affairs and eventually culminated in a brainstorming session that will produce a number of future activities and programs with diplomatic missions and local bodies,” he added.

As for the level of attendees in the event, the center’s Deputy CEO, Yousef Al-Ghusain said: “This unprecedented diplomatic presence in a civil society organization is a source of honor and appreciation to the center and its staff, which makes us carry on our endeavors to bring people closer by means of building more bridges of communication between Kuwait and the world, while continuously serving as an independent platform for transparent and honest dialogue.”

Indian Ambassador – Shk. Dr. Abdullah Mishal Al-Sabah – Iraqi Ambassador – Tunisian Ambassador

Apart from the center’s CEO and his deputy, the attendees included Reconnaissance’s members; Qais Al-Jouan, Husam Marafie, Ali Zalzala, Nasser Bourseli, accredited ambassadors of 20 countries and a host of prominent public figures.

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