The head of the Real Estate Union, Ibrahim Al-Awadi, stressed the Union is firm on the housing issue, and will work hard to find real and realistic solutions to it, including pushing for the legislative and executive authorities to join hands, along with all state institutions and ministries in order to solve it and facilitate the citizen’s access to private housing without the need to wait for many years like what is happening now.

Al-Awadi said in a press statement to a local Arabic daily, the housing issue was and remains until very recently an issue of popular gain by many officials and MPs alike, as this issue was saturated with perceptions, statements and resonant slogans, in addition to many studies that remained just ink on paper and remained trapped in drawers for the past many years.

Al-Awadi added: “Enough of tickling the feelings of Kuwaiti citizens who live in apartments for many years, which may reach 20 years before one of them gets his most basic rights guaranteed by the constitution.”

He stressed \the Union will not tire in its demand to find quick and urgent solutions to the housing issue, recalling at the same time the efforts it has made by communicating with the parties concerned with the housing issue, by submitting proposals that can contribute to curbing the crazy rise in real estate prices. private housing.

He pointed out that the efforts of the Union were not limited to communicating with the relevant authorities only, but extended to include all parties working in the market from companies and real estate developers, with the aim of standing on their suggestions and listening to their opinions, stressing at the same time the Union’s determination to continue all previous efforts, and to communicate with the new president and members of the National Assembly to put in place new real estate legislation to keep pace with the rapid changes and developments in this market.

In turn, the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Real Estate Union, Abdul Rahman Al-Tarkit, confirmed that the government is able to solve the housing issue within a very short period, whenever there is a real intention to do so, which is something that everyone relies on during the next stage.

He added that the Realtors Union, in view of the responsibility entrusted to it in following up the housing issue, had participated in many meetings that were at the highest levels in the ministries of the state and committees of the National Assembly, to conclude a number of following facts:

Second: Any individual solution or law will not achieve what is required and will not contribute to addressing the housing issue, as the solution to this issue must be linked to a set of laws and regulations, including the real estate developer law, the mortgage law, and the development of the credit bank’s work mechanism and above all the releasing of state lands.

Third: The continuation of the situation as it is according to the current data and without the presence of immediate and future solutions studied by the concerned authorities will have negative and dangerous social, family and economic consequences that are difficult to overcome.

Al-Tarkit concluded by saying that the release of vacant lands is the key to resolving this crisis, and that the seriousness of both the government and the upcoming National Assembly in resolving this crisis will become clear if it adopts a package of laws, legislation and reforms regulating the residential real estate market.

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