The Real Estate Federation stressed the importance of organizing the sports sector in investment areas. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federation, Ibrahim Al-Awadi, said in a letter to the Kuwait Municipality, to add the sports stadiums clause within the requirements for commercial uses in investment housing areas inside and outside Kuwait City.

Al-Awadi mentioned that a meeting was held with a team formed from the Municipality, and “we mentioned the importance of organizing the sports sector in the investment areas and its positive social and economic impact,” reports a local Arabic daily.

Al-Awadi added: “We have visited the sports stadiums in the field many times and intensively, and conducted a questionnaire with the pioneers of sports stadiums, and we studied and analyzed the matter, and here is what we discovered:

“Allocating investment plots located in the designated areas without specifying a specific area, as it is no secret that these projects have a positive impact on the infrastructure, as they are less costly and consume infrastructure and services compared to multi-storey buildings (residential apartments) or medical centers or hospitals, hotels or restaurants

“As for the economic aspect and the principle of equal opportunities, it will give the opportunity for owners of less capital and smaller plots, to invest their money especially since many of the building requirements for investment housing.

“Limiting commercial activities in relation to sports activity only to stores selling equipment and sports clothing, grocery or canteen, as we do not recommend granting licenses to other commercial activities, especially for restaurants or cafes for several reasons, such as:

01- To preserve the general atmosphere and the nature of the facility

02- Not to attract visitors whose purpose is only restaurants or cafes

03- Restaurants and cafes are available in many places

04- Sewage, electricity and firefighting requirements are different

05- Use of a window for external delivery services


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