The engineering affairs departments in the educational districts inspected the conditions of the schools, after the heavy rains that affected the country last Sunday evening, especially in the low-lying residential areas.

Engineering sources said even new schools were subjected to water leaking problem, damage to the ceilings and sometimes water collected in some air-conditioning units that ultimately damaged them. The rain water also did not spare the school furniture, walls and interior decoration, indicating leakage of water has caused much damage to the schools buildings or rather the entire structural system, which is a problem that almost all schools suffer from, reports Al-Rai daily.

The sources pointed out that many schools used ‘extra’ laborers yesterday morning to remove the rain water that had accumulated near the schools entrances, but the biggest problem they faced was the power outage in many parts of their facilities, due to the water entering the air-conditioning units especially those which are erected on the roofs.

The sources stated the engineers’ inspection tours detected some water gathering in most air-conditioning boxes, which prompted them to use air pumps to dry them, as they work for a little while and then turn off again due to moisture.

The sources expected things to return to normal in schools quickly, pointing to the necessity of covering the conditioning units on rooftops or installing them in places where they will not be affected by the rain water.

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