Qatar has announced the completion of all organizational arrangements for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, as planned by all parties involved in organizing the global event, which kicks off on November 20.

This came during a press conference held by the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, in the presence of the official spokesman for the Ministry of Interior and the World Cup Security Force, Colonel Dr. Jabr Hammoud Jabr Al-Nuaimi, Deputy Director General for Tournament Operations Engineer Ali Al-Ali, Deputy Director General for Marketing, Communication and Championship Experience Khaled Ali Al-Mawlawi, and spokesperson The official name of the health care sector for the championship, Dr. Yousef Al-Maslamani.

Colonel Al-Nuaimi announced that fans without tickets will be allowed to enter Qatar after the end of the group stage of the tournament, starting from the second of next December, without requiring a match ticket, in order to enjoy the World Cup atmosphere with the rest of the fans and teams present in the country.

He added that fans coming to attend the World Cup matches must obtain a “Haya” card to enter the country, and they can submit requests from now through the “Haya” platform, through the website or application, according to the requirements listed on the website.

Al-Nuaimi stressed the completion of the security readiness in all facilities and sites of the championship, and that the implementation of all plans and programs established to ensure the organization of a safer and more distinguished championship, especially since the State of Qatar has for many years occupied advanced ranks in global security and safety indicators, topping the list of the Middle East and North Africa countries in terms of Security and safety, which makes it a safe host for major events of all kinds.

He added: “Strategic plans have been developed that included alternative backup plans and plans to deal with risks and crises, and the tournament’s security strategy has achieved many tasks, including protecting all World Cup facilities and infrastructure components, in addition to building an integrated security capability for the tournament that exceeds standards. and practices followed in organizing major events.

The security force of the tournament focused on paying attention to the human element and qualifying about 50 thousand participants, all of whom were subjected to many programs, crowd management, human rights and dealing with the public, with the participation of many experts.

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Interior and the Security Force of the World Cup Championship said that the “homeland exercise” concluded its five-day training with the participation of forces from 15 countries, to confirm the achievement of the desired goals and results, and to enhance the role of the concerned authorities while carrying out their regular and additional tasks during the tournament, and to confirm the speed of response. for emergency events, and activate the command and control mechanism and joint cooperation between all parties.

He stressed that the security authorities worked in an integrated manner on the level of external cooperation with all partners, and agreements were signed with various countries and international organizations, which will constitute a real addition to the security force of the tournament, which will be under the management of the World Cup Security and Safety Operations Committee, in order to ensure the flow of work.

He pointed out that the State of Qatar has sought to provide the best technologies and equip a center for tournament security, event management, and follow-up security and safety procedures and the implementation of emergency plans for each facility.

He concluded his statements by saying: “Our readiness to launch has been completed and all parties will work to ensure the safety and security of the fans. We welcome all the fans and we all cooperate to make the tournament a success so that it is the safest version.”

The conference touched on the latest developments in transportation and transportation operations during the tournament, as the organizers recommended the public to use public transportation to move around the country, including dedicated bus services and the Doha Metro, and called on residents of Qatar to use their own car to attend the matches.

In the same context, Engineer Ali Al-Ali stressed that “the aspirations are to provide a safe and smooth transportation service for all fans to the championship stadiums and fan areas, and the highly advanced transportation systems will provide smooth transportation options for the fans, knowing that the fans will not be at long distances from the stadiums or venues.” They will have the opportunity to attend more than one match per day during the early stages of the competitions.”

He added: “There are many options available to fans, and transportation revolves around transportation by metro to all stadiums and event areas, and buses will be present continuously during the tournament period to cover stadiums and other facilities, as a metro train will be provided every 165 seconds to transport fans over a period of 21 days, and daily working hours start from six in the morning until three in the morning, except for Fridays, when working hours start from nine in the morning until three in the morning, and the reduction of working hours is due to conducting periodic maintenance and maintaining public safety.

Al-Ali explained that holders of “Haya” cards and stadium tickets will be able to travel by metro and tram free of charge during the tournament, pointing out that “3600 buses will be provided to participate in transportation daily during the days of the tournament.”

Deputy Director General for Marketing, Communications and Tournament Experience at the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy Khaled Ali Al-Mawlawi announced that Qatar will witness a wide range of cultural and entertainment activities and performances during the tournament, including more than 90 special events on the sidelines of the upcoming global event.

He added: “In addition to the activities of the FIFA Fan Festival in Al Bidda Park throughout the World Cup period, the Doha Corniche will be one of the largest destinations that attract the fans of the tournament, with a capacity of more than 70,000 fans daily, and will witness a distinguished bouquet of artistic displays, recreational and cultural activities, as well as the allocation of many There are shops and stores selling various types of food and drinks, along the 6 kilometer corniche.”

The official spokesman for the health care sector for the World Cup, Dr. Youssef Al-Maslamani, confirmed that last week witnessed the announcement of new updates to the travel and return policy in the country, as it is not required to conduct an examination before traveling, nor does it require sanitary isolation unless the result of the examination is positive, and therefore the visitor must enter the Health isolation in Qatar, and those leaving the country are not required to carry out any kind of examination, depending on the country to which he will leave, and the visitor coming to Qatar must obtain full vaccination doses.

He added: “The health sector has witnessed a very large expansion, and visitors to Qatar during the tournament will enjoy high-quality health services, and the number 999 has been allocated to obtain health care for anyone suffering from an emergency situation. As for non-life-threatening cases, there are 100 medical clinics distributed in stadiums, main places of residence, and fan parking lots to facilitate access to medical services, in addition to the presence of 4 hospitals to receive patients from urgent cases that provide services free of charge to Haya card holders.”

He stressed that the State of Qatar will provide an integrated set of services in all World Cup stadiums during the 64 matches.

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