The residential city of Al-Mutla’a is witnessing a delay in the completion of contracts for the completion, construction and maintenance of public buildings in 6 residential suburbs.

Al-Anba quoting sources said the percentage of completion of contracts in suburbs N6 and N9 is actually 85% and 66% in suburbs N7 and N8 and 73% in suburb N10 and 64% in suburb N11.

The Al-Mutla’a Residential City project is also witnessing the initial receipt of three major projects for the construction, completion and maintenance of road works, infrastructure networks and sub-stations, with the exception of filtration tanks in each project separately, where the actual completion percentage is 91.43% for one project and the other project it is 99%, knowing that all these projects were supposed to be delivered to the Public Authority for Housing Welfare fully completed last March, after the PAHW extended the handing over deadline more than once.

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