Public Authority for Manpower is collaborating with the International Labor Organization (ILO) to establish a dedicated fund aimed at ensuring timely and hassle-free end-of-service benefits for workers.

A reliable source within the Authority shared this initiative with Al-Anbaa, underlining the goal to ease the burden on the judicial system, which currently handles all complaints related to employment and entitlements.

The plan involves monitoring successful experiences in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries that have already implemented mechanisms to expedite workers’ receipt of their rightful benefits. The discussion centers on establishing a fund akin to the social insurance system. Under this system, a predetermined amount, subject to agreed-upon standards and controls, will be disbursed to workers. This approach mirrors practices adopted in several cooperative nations.

Crucially, payments will be made directly by companies through the proposed fund, streamlining the process for both employers and employees. The intent is to reduce administrative complications concerning allocations and guarantee that all eligible individuals receive their due entitlements.

The fund’s scope extends beyond companies facing financial challenges. It encompasses all private sector activities, ensuring that workers across various industries benefit from the initiative. Importantly, workers will not bear any fees associated with the fund; instead, the responsibility falls upon business owners. This alignment with legal provisions reinforces the employers’ obligation to meet end-of-service bonus dues.

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