The speakers at the press conference organized by the Faculty Members Association at Kuwait University yesterday, entitled “Save the University”, called for the need for a balance of justice and equality among faculty members, whether in teaching, or assigning positions and others, indicating that changing leaders without good reasons is a matter that cannot be accepted, and they warned against the dismissal, removal and replacement of deans without standards and legal foundations, as well as the pressure exerted to form a committee to select the university president from members outside the university, in addition to interference in the affairs of the faculty members’ association.

The head of the Teaching Staff Association during the transitional period, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Hamoud, confirmed that the forced resignation of the deans comes in violation of the provisions of the law, especially since there are deputies to the principal who cannot be dismissed without committing any clear violations, saying, “The association refuses to change the leaders of the university without good reasons, and asked for resignation In an inappropriate way, indicating that the association rejected this matter in the past, as it rejects it now, reports Al-Qabas daily.

He stated that the text is clear that the university council is the one who has the authority to form a committee to select the university president, and it is not permissible to form a committee from outside the university, as whoever assumed a position outside the university has expired and is no longer a faculty member.

The four demands that have been put forward include

— Keeping the university away from conflicts and interests

— Concerted efforts to reform the conditions of education

— Enshrining justice and the principle of equal opportunity in positions

— Enhancing stability in the academic edifice

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