The proposals submitted jointly by Kuwait Airways and Jazeera Airways to the Ministry of Health (MoH) regarding strengthening the health procedures are currently under study, and it includes features to decide to allow full activities in the airport to resume normally, reducing home quarantine to a week and the restarting flights with countries on a 34 banned list due to the coronavirus conditions, Al Qabas reported.

The economic sectors, especially the tourism and travel sector in the country, are awaiting an answer to resolve the issues caused by the partial closure of the airport, a responsible source revealed to Al-Qabas daily.

The daily said, quoting sources that the health authorities recommended that if the proposals are implemented, the travelers’ procedures should be automated and not manual, and added that the medical laboratories, which will conduct the travelers’ swabs, should be able to accept the numbers of arrivals to the country.

The source stated that the accredited medical laboratories should have the facilities to conduct 20,000 swabs per day. Representatives of the Ministry of Health have been provided with all the necessary details that will enable them to automate the entry procedures for travelers according to automated systems.

Regarding the opinion of representatives of the health authorities about the proposals after their discussion, the source stated that there are positive data, but the proposals are still under scrutiny.

 The source noted that the proposals aim to contribute to the gradual and safe resumption of flights to and from Kuwait International Airport, including from prohibited countries after classifying countries into two categories, low risk, and high risk.

The proposal will contribute to revitalizing the local economy and support the aviation sector and other sectors in accordance with health and precautionary controls.

There are 10 updates under the plan

  1. The health authorities recommended that if the airport opens fully, travelers’ procedures must be completed in an automatic and not manual manner.
  2. The medical laboratories conducting the swabs for travelers should have the ability to accept the large number of arrivals to the country.
  3. Providing representatives of the Ministry of Health with all the facilities to automate the entry procedures for travelers.
  4. Directed to develop some apps to be compatible with the arrivals and the swab procedures.
  5. Developing apps that will enable the Ministry of Health to know travelers’ details and health status automatically.
  6. Updates to find out the number of PCR tests that are performed, whether before coming to the country or at arrival at the airport and after the completion of the quarantine period.
  7. All procedures will be subject to the supervision of the Ministry of Health.
  8. The traveler will be responsible for the tests and following the quarantine procedures.
  9. There is positive data, but all proposals are still being studied.
  10. Officials stressed that the start of flights will contribute to revitalizing the local economy.


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