Political activist, Fahd Sayah Abu Shaybah, addressed the Minister of Education and National Assembly members to adopt a proposal to add the “Assistant Teacher” title to the job structure in the Ministry of Education in general education. He explained that this would be similar to special education, as well as other jobs such as assistant engineer, assistant doctor, among others. Shaybah said that this would ease the teacher’s burden and create job opportunities, and thus be a solution to the unemployment crisis.

Abu Shaybah stressed in a press statement that the new academic year will be special, as students fully attend school compared to the previous two years, in which the coronavirus pandemic limited the students’ in-person classes. He also said that students currently need an educational environment, as well as a higher level of education that will help them in their quest for educational attainment, pointing out that education is important for the state in producing generations who will safeguard the future, in which the teacher’s valuable mission and quality educational outputs play a significant part.

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