The Parliamentary Interior and Defense Committee has approved the proposal submitted by MPs Osama Al-Shaheen and Dr. Hamad Al-Matar and Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqabi to establish a central and permanent apparatus for crisis management and response to public disasters, to raise the levels of public preparations in various fields.

The committee said in its report, that it approved the proposal after discussions and exchange of views unanimously by the members who were present and referred the report to the Council of Ministers to take what it deems appropriate in its regard.

Al-Shaheen, Al-Saqabi and Al-Matar had cited at the end of last July the brutal Iraqi invasion and highlighted the role and sacrifices made by the people of Kuwait to defend their homeland, where the popular role within Kuwait and abroad was vital.

At home, social solidarity committees, people’s committees, and groups of military resistance, in which the steadfast and steady people were involved, played a vital role.

From outside Kuwait, the people energized, united ranks, took care of the cut off people, and called on the peoples and governments of the world to liberate the land from the brutal invasion, such as the popular parliamentary delegations which visited all parts of the continents and the “People’s Congress” in the city of Jeddah, assured the world of the cohesion of the people with the political leadership.

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