Kuwait lost one of its prominent men, Ahmad Al-Jarallah Al-Hassan Al-Jarallah, who died at the age of 103 years.

The deceased is the father of the former Minister of Health, Dr. Muhammad Al-Jarallah, and is considered one of the founders of the Social Reform Society in Kuwait in 1963, reports a local Arabic daily.

The people of Kuwait while mourning the passing away of the prominent Kuwaiti personality, praising his virtues and his career, his honesty and sincerity, love for doing good and helping the needy, and keenness to continue this approach despite his advanced age.

The head of the Social Reform Society, Dr. Khaled Al-Mazkour, said “Uncle Ahmad Al-Hassan Al-Jarallah – may God have mercy on him – was known for his reference to the history of the people of Kuwait, his politeness, his sobriety, his good work silently and calmly, and his support for every action in the interests of Muslims and was known for his kindness and affection to everyone who knew him.”

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