The decision by the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) to stop converting commercial visas into residence visas the private community schools particularly the Indian, Pakistani and Filipino schools will bear the brunt because of a severe shortage of workers including teachers, bus drivers, cleaners, administrative staff and others at the beginning of the second semester on February 13.

A reliable source told Al-Rai, the beginning of the second semester dates is not the same for all private schools as some open doors in March while others in April which is not important, what is important is every school must be prepared to receive the students, which looks bleak at the moment due to the shortage of manpower.

The source pointed out each school has its own circumstances that may differ from other schools, and the Ministry of Education must provide all facilities for the return of private schools and remove all obstacles facing them, including the issue of commercial visas being transferred to residence visas, because schools still face a problem in this area although the country has almost returned to normalcy.

The source stressed all private schools are committed to all health requirements and precautionary measures, but the biggest problem lies in the long documentary cycle of procedures in issuing work permits, hoping that the Ministry of Education in cooperation with other concerned government will help schools overcome the problem.

The source explained the rate of vaccination in private schools is very high and may exceed government schools by stages, whether in the ranks of educational and administrative bodies or students, adding that the General Administration of Private Education invited workers and students from 16 years of age and above to register on the Ministry of Health website to obtain an appointment for the vaccine and the response was tremendous when it comes to commitment of private schools to all required health requirements.

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