The Price Monitoring Team, led by Faisal Al-Ansari, Director of the Technical Body to Supervise Commodities and Determine Their Prices in the Ministry of Trade and Industry, recently conducted an inspection tour of the wholesale and central markets in the Shuwaikh region, reported Al-Anba Daily.

The purpose of the tour was to survey the prices of various essential commodities, including meat, frozen chicken, edible oil, sugar, cheese, canned beans, lentils, chickpeas, and table eggs.

According to Al-Ansari, the prices of these basic commodities are determined based on a list of prices announced to consumers in the markets and stores. The Price Monitoring Team is responsible for ensuring that these prices are adhered to and that consumers are not being overcharged.

Al-Ansari further revealed that the team will present a plan to Undersecretary Ziad Al-Najem, outlining their activities for the upcoming period. The plan will include intensified inspection tours in all regions to monitor prices and identify any unjustified price hikes. Al-Najem has directed the Technical Body to oversee goods to increase their efforts in monitoring and take appropriate legal action against any violators.

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