The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for the digital health sector, Ahmed Gharib, announced the launch of two new services through the unified government application, Sahel. These services include submitting a request for premarital examination, and notification of the valid test result.

According to an Arab daily, Gharib explained that to apply for a request for a premarital test, any individuals who are about to get married must apply through the Sahel app, so that the applicant can specify the date of the appointment, the location of the examination center and the required data on the other party, then a notification is sent to both parties. The link to the questionnaire will be sent by email. Moreover, he also said that in the event that the results of the examination and analysis are correct, both will receive the notification through the app.

Gharib stressed the need to continue digitally enhancing the capabilities of the health sector, and achieve the objectives of the Ministry’s plan and the New Kuwait Vision 2035, while appreciating the efforts of colleagues working in the MOH and other relevant authorities.

On the other hand, the official spokesman for the unified government application for electronic services, Youssef Kazem, indicated that these new features allow users of the app to request the premarital examination service from the list of services within the app, and also receive notifications when the correct result of the test appears. He praised the role of the MOH in its keenness to provide such electronic services that save effort and time for individuals.

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