The Ministry of Electricity and Water inaugurated the operation of the main transformer stations with a voltage of 400 kilovolts in the city of Al-Mutla’a, by operating the stations responsible for supplying power to sub-stations that feed homes in the future.

The Ministry’s Assistant Undersecretary for Electrical Transmission Networks, Mutlaq Al-Otaibi, said the operation of this main station will be followed by the operation of a number of stations in the city of Al-Mutla’a, while at the same time stressing on the importance of rationalizing energy and consumption, and the efficiency of air conditioning and electrical appliances, reports a local Arabic daily.

Meanwhile, the Public Authority for Housing Welfare announced the launch of the electric current at the 1Z station in the city of Al-Mutla’a.

After the meeting yesterday with Al-Otaibi, Deputy Director General for Implementation Affairs Rashid Al-Enezi said that the 1Z station is part of a contract for a project to design, implement, install and maintain a major transfer station, which is one of the major stations out of four stations, feeding the subsidiary stations to connect the current to the plots and service buildings on the outskirts of the city.

Al-Enezi indicated that the current will reach the rest of the suburbs in Al-Mutla’a, coinciding with the completion of the citizens’ construction of their plots and to benefit from the project’s service buildings.

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