The Ministry of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy announced power outages in various regions. The main substation, Al-Salam B, experienced malfunctions in two sub-feeders, leading to limited power disruptions in Al-Salam areas, specifically Blocks 1 and 5, reports Al-Rai Daily.

Other affected areas include Salwa, Al-Rai, Jabriya, and additional parts of Al-Salam. The load index recorded today reached an unprecedented 16,850 megawatts, putting immense strain on the power grid and exacerbating the situation.

To address the outages, the ministry has deployed emergency teams to the Al-Salam station, where 7 megawatts of power were lost. These teams are working diligently to restore electric current as swiftly as possible.

The ministry is taking proactive measures to alleviate the impact of the outages. In areas where repairs are expected to take a longer time, diesel generators are being used to supply temporary electricity.

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