Porsche Centre Kuwait, Behbehani Motors Company has celebrated an important milestone in Porsche’s history with a gala evening to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the game-changing Cayenne SUV.

The arrival of the Cayenne in 2002 re-set the parameters for sports-luxury motoring with Porsche setting a trend other luxury and sports car manufacturers would eventually follow by introducing a full-sized SUV.

Hany Marie, General Manager at Porsche Centre Kuwait, said the Cayenne has been a welcomed success for Porsche in Kuwait, expanding the marque’s appeal to a much wider audience beyond two-door sports cars and set the path for the likes of Panamera and Macan to follow.

“To put it simply, Cayenne is the model which introduced Porsche to an audience that perhaps would not have walked through our showrooms before. It provided a family-sized option for the first time and many of those initial customers remain with us today, often owning several Porsches including 911, Cayman and Boxster next to their Cayenne. So we wanted to not only celebrate Cayenne but also to say thank you to our many loyal customers.”

The immersive night included a local film that highlighted the three Cayenne generations across 20 years as well as an entertaining session of 20 questions, testing participants on their Porsche and Cayenne knowledge in return for winning a memorable prize.

Located at Plot 40 in the industrial Shuweikh area, customers and media engaged in activities that included a 360-degree video booth with a virtual reality experience while being surrounded by all three generations of the Cayenne.

The birth of the Cayenne created an economic basis for sustainable success without compromising Porsche’s motorsport values and succeeded by introducing a completely new market segment to the line-up. Since 2002, Cayenne has been one of the mainstays of Porsche’s global success and is one of the bestselling sports luxury SUVs in Kuwait.

Hany Marie said the night reflected the connection Kuwaitis have built with the Cayenne and Porsche: “Many of our customers and long-term media, some of which were here for the launch of the first E1 model back in 2002, described how it changed their perception of Porsche from being a pure sports car brand to one that encapsulates the Kuwaiti lifestyle. For some of our more adventurous customers, it opened up the remote areas of Kuwait to explore while for others it allowed them to make a Porsche their family car for the first time.”

“Now we have a full range of family-sized cars like the Panamera, Macan and of course the new Taycan electric sports saloon, but it all began with Cayenne 20 years ago. Cayenne remains as popular as ever with variants like the Cayenne Turbo GT being a hit with the Middle East. We see another very exciting 20 years ahead for Porsche’s large SUV.”

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