A number of engineers said that the housing issue in Kuwait is one of the issues that top the priorities of citizens and occupy their minds, pointing out that many Kuwaiti families suffer from the housing problem even though Kuwait is a rich country.

A local Arabic daily quoting Engineering sources added, many young people are reluctant to move to new cities because they lack distinguished services, while others believe that new cities have become a reality in light of the high prices and high rents in the old areas, which made many citizens accept them compared to the past, as a result of the state’s interest in highway networks during the past five years.

They pointed out that the solutions to the housing problem are providing land for the construction of new cities and the participation of the private sector in their development, the approval of the mortgage law, the provision of additional liquidity to the credit bank to cover housing requests, and that there are new solutions that will contribute to reducing rents.

Regarding the idea of vertical housing as one of the solutions to the housing problem, some see it as an unacceptable idea and that many Kuwaiti families want to live in a separate house, and that vertical housing is not compatible with the needs and privacy of citizens in the long run, while according to another opinion this type of housing was an unacceptable idea in the past, but with time, there are a number of citizens now living in buildings with excellent locations and good services.

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