Political forces and movements have issued a statement warning against incitement by some to repeat negative, dangerous and harmful historical experiences that were previously rejected by the Kuwaiti people in the second half of the seventies and the second half of the eighties which is the disruption of constitutional and parliamentary life and more restriction on public freedoms and exclusivity of the decision and an attempt to revise the constitution was in contravention of its provisions, and its consequences were very bad for the state.

A local Arabic daily said, the statement reads thus, “In light of a persistent political crisis that the country suffers from as a result of multiple factors, including those related to transgressing the constitution and non-compliance with its application, including those related to mismanagement and the dominance of forces of corruption, as well as government failure.

“This is in addition to some parliamentary practices that fall outside the constitution; the situation in the country has deteriorated unfortunately, but it is even more unfortunate that in light of such conditions that require wisdom, responsibility and abidance by the provisions of the Constitution, some reports circulating speak of incitement by some to repeat past harmful. negative, dangerous historical experiences which the Kuwaiti people had previously rejected in the second half of the 1970s and the second half of the 1980s, which had disrupted the constitutional and parliamentary life, restricted public liberties and attempts to revise the constitution in a way that contradicts its provisions.”

The statement stressed that “the consequences of these attempts were very bad for the state, society and the economy, as they helped set in, for example, the climate of crisis in the early 1980s, which led to theft of foreign investments and the embezzlement in the Kuwait Oil Tankers Company at the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s, which subsequently ended up in former Iraqi regime invading and occupying the country during the era of Saddam Hussein – all this due to the marginalization of the role of constitutional institutions and the inaction and neglect in the face of dangers, threats and foreign conspiracies.”

The statement went on to say, “Although the Kuwaiti people have regained their freedom and sovereignty of their country after sufferings and sacrifices, what was agreed upon in the popular conference held in Jeddah in October 1990 was the basis for unifying the Kuwaitis to restore their freedom and liberate their homeland and rebuild it through the declared and clear commitment to the return of the constitution and commitment to implement it.

Unfortunately, the political, administrative and financial path of the state over the past years since liberation to this day has been filled with many negative evidences of abuses and practices that are inconsistent with the constitution, such as corruption and mismanagement. Nevertheless, there was hope that the correction would take place within the framework of the constitution itself, and that consensus would be achieved between the will of the nation and the will of those in charge of the matter to reform and advance the conditions of the country, but this has not been achieved.”

The statement added: “And here we are today facing an imminent danger represented by the calls and attempts of some malicious parties to undermine this possibility in a destructive manner under the cover of allegations to address the political crisis, which will eventually lead to its deepening and exacerbation more than it is now, and this is what we are well aware of in light of the reality and historical experiences, the extent of its harm and its danger.

It makes matters worse that the world today and the region are witnessing tensions, events, transformations and stormy crises, which cannot be confronted and dealt with under a unilateral approach and individual decision, whatever the intentions and desires, but rather they involve serious threats and grave risks unless the Kuwaiti domestic front is cohesive on the basis of respect for the constitution and popular participation.”

The signatories of the statement expressed their aspirations that the road to such dangerous and harmful trends will be blocked, and that the good national will agree based on sound constitutional reforms approach will prevail that opens the horizon for reforms and developing our country.

The signatories to the statement are:

  • Kuwaiti progressive movement
  • Islamic Constitutional Movement (ICM)
  • Civil Democratic Movement (CDM)
  • Popular Action Movement (Hashd)
  • Civil Conservative Party
  • Kuwaiti Democratic Forum
  • Justice and Peace Gathering

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