The Polish Ambassador to Kuwait HE Paweł Lechowicz inaugurated the art exhibition to immortalize the feelings of children around the world following war and occupation by forces, including what happened 70 years ago in Poland, 30 years ago in Kuwait and what is happening now in Ukraine.

He added children all over the world feel the same way, and they say “we do not want war”, pointing out that this photo exhibition put on display pictures drawn by children to express what they feel of the war 70 years ago in Poland, which is similar to what the Ukrainian children feel today.

In his speech during the ceremony, he said a child is not a soldier who does not defend the homeland even though he suffers from it and this exhibition is incredibly “a moving testimony” about the war. The exhibition includes drawings by Polish children from 1946, which serves as a historical testimony of their experiences during the occupation in World War II from 1939-1945, and kept in the Central Archives of Modern Records (AAN) in Warsaw, and contemporary drawings of Ukrainian children, relating to the war currently underway in Ukraine, collected on the ‘Mom-I See War’ portal.

He stressed that war always is best seen through the eyes of children, regardless of place and time, and it is a great evil. The child is always a victim of this calamity, pointing out that the similarity between historical and current drawings is remarkable. In the drawings the children portray their imagination of tanks, planes bombing towns and villages and destroying the infrastructure and explosions killing and maiming people.

They paint the wounded, the dead, the destroyed houses and the graves, they paint themselves and their families, and they paint the evacuation and the escape. But they also bring hope and dreams for the future by compiling pictures and words together in groups.

He went on to say, war always means pain, reprimand and losses, but children are the most vulnerable during wars, they sometimes do not fully understand everything, but they feel the acute pain. War deprives them of a happy childhood and sometimes life itself. Children see war as enemy missiles destroying schools, kindergartens, hospitals and homes before their very eyes, and their parents and friends dying before their eyes. They often convey their feelings, emotions and experiences through drawings.

He said the project ‘My Mom, I See War’ was created to show the war through the eyes of the children of Ukraine and once again to draw attention from the international community to the brutal invasion of the Russian occupier, adding that the “My Mom, I See War” project collected more than 10,000 children’s drawings about war and peace in Ukraine.

On the sidelines of the Exhibition, the Embassy of the Republic of Poland also organized a concert by the Ukrainian pianist Evgeny Khmara on Tuesday September 13, at 6:30 pm in Jabriya.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian forces have managed to repel the Russian attacks and regain about 60 percent of the occupied areas.

The Ukrainian Ambassador to Kuwait, HE Dr. Oleksandr Palanutsa said today’s exhibition is an important event within the Ukrainian week, pointing out that the Polish embassy has always supported Ukraine and is hosting an exhibition of Polish and Ukrainian photos under the title “Mom I don’t want War.”

He added that there is a similarity in what the Polish and Ukrainian children drew, which indicates their feeling of their rejection of war and to emphasize the establishment of security and peace in the world.

He stated that during the past two days, the Ukrainian forces managed to repel the Russian attacks and regain about 60 percent of the occupied areas, and we hope that this will be the beginning, God willing.

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