Have you ever imagined that the door of the plane may open during the flight in the air? This is what the passengers of a Russian plane actually experienced after the back door of the plane opened, leaving moments of terror.

The plane, which was carrying 25 passengers, encountered this problem while it was taking off from the coldest region in the world, reports Al-Rai daily.

Scientifically, the door of the plane cannot open when it is in flight due to the pressure factor, but it seems that the Russian plane was at a low altitude, because it barely took off and did not reach a great height.

A video clip captured showed a state of chaos in the Aero Antonov plane and luggage flying due to the strong wind, after it took off from Magan airport in the Yakutsk region of eastern Siberia, where the temperature is 41 below zero.

And the door that was opened during the flight is usually used for the purpose of charging, while the crew is supposed to close it tightly.

The captain of the plane made an emergency landing, without any passengers being harmed, despite the great cold caused by the opening of the door.

Civilian passenger aircraft usually fly at an altitude of between 10,000 and 12,000 meters, and at this altitude, the door cannot open due to pressure.

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