The Department of the Philippine Ministry of Labor and Department of Filipino Employment Abroad after a meeting today at Manila has agreed to total lifting of the deployment ban to Kuwait, pending the ratification of what was agreed upon by the Department of Filipino Labor Abroad and their counterparts in Kuwait.

This agreement includes Justice for slain Filipino worker Janealyn along with other clauses of the agreement. The sanction for household service workers (Kuwait Visa-20), that employer will allow the domestic worker to own a phone and use it after working hours, provided that he/she maintains the family’s secrets and privacy in a manner consistent with public morals. Another clause prevents the employer from assigning the domestic worker any work outside Kuwait without her consent, and if forced, the sponsor is obliged to return her to her country at his own expense. The seventh clause in the agreement also stipulates that the employer will not retain the worker’s passport and civil ID.

The agreement also prevents Philippines embassy in Kuwait from harboring Filipino domestic helpers at its premises in future. Instead, the embassy would be obliged to report all such workers to the domestic workers’ employment department at the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM).

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