Officials of the Philippine Embassy held a trial run election on Saturday morning in view of the upcoming elections that begin on 13 April and extends over a period of 30 days.

Charges D Affaires Mohammad Nordin Lomondot led the Philippine embassy officers to an official oath taking to uphold the election’s integrity followed by the mock up election to show the actual procedures to be followed in the presence of Filipino community leaders and media.

In a brief interview with Lomondot, he said that though there are over 90,000 registered Filipino voters in Kuwait, in the previous election only around ten percent exercised their franchise. He urged all Overseas Filipino Workers in Kuwait to exercise their civil rights to vote and choose their leaders in the Senate. Esnairah Dansal VCM Technical Support Staff and former dfa-ovs Desk Officer for the Middle East and Africa and Luis Carlos Osorio Special Board of Election inspector, stated that all possible contingencies are in place to ensure that should hitches occur, solutions are available.

Five precincts have been identified and names of voters in those areas will be posted in the embassy premises throughout the election period. He also added that the month-long election will start on the 13th of April and will end on the 13th May 2019.

Embassy premises will daily open from 8am till 5pm including Fridays and Saturdays, except during the Holy Week. In the mock up election Philippine NGOs were asked to go through the process of election from verification of names, filling up of election form with adequate instructions, feeding in of the form to the machine and verification of results by the voter. Osorio advised everyone to check the Facebook page and verify the names of voters and precincts they belong to.


By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

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