The Kuwaiti Fishermen Union has warned against the phenomenon that the fish mongers have spread, describing this phenomenon as a danger to society, in addition to being uncivilized, since the issue is quick profit through fraud and deception, reports Al-Qabas daily.

In a letter he addressed to the Kuwait Municipality about the phenomenon of illegal fish vendors, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Union, Zaher Al-Suwayan, said that in recent years, the phenomenon of mobile vans selling foodstuffs have spread uncontrollably, especially fish, which are found in front of the fish markets, reports a local Arabic daily

This phenomenon is widely prevalent Sharq in places overlooking the sea on the eastern front, as well as there are individuals who sell fish of all kinds in the open areas in the parking lots overlooking the sea.

Al-Suwayan called this phenomenon unfavorable, unhealthy and uncivilized and more often than not they sell fish which is stale by tricking the unsuspecting consumer.

Al-Suwayan stressed that the union had warned those who indulge is such activities more than once over a period of more than ten years until it became a fait accompli.

This practice is harmful to citizens and residents for several factors:

1 – Most of these cars are not subject to health checks or purpose for which they are intended to and are illegal, and therefore they sell fish that may not be valid, do not conform to specifications and whose source is unknown, and are sold as local Kuwaiti fish.

This is in addition to that they are street vendors and do not have health cards and poses a threat to the health of citizens, in addition to this the fish mongers who pay rent for fish stall inside the fish market suffer because their sale is, affected.

2 – This phenomenon is uncivilized, as these cars are followed by a large group of individuals spread around the market and around the entrances to the market (at the moving doors) to pick up customers and deceive them about the fish that they have with them as fresh and cheaper, then they take most of the customers from the market doors and sell them in parking lots to achieve their goal of profit Rapid fraud method.

3 – These cars are in violation of public health conditions, and they are not licensed to do this work, except rarely where they sell fish, without being subject to control in terms of validity or source, and putting these sellers in this way also poses a threat to the health of consumers.

Union suggestions

■ Increase the supervision of places of sale outside the fish market or parallel markets.

■ Prohibit cars from carrying fish, unless they are licensed according to health specifications, and that they belong to a licensed fishery or market or belong to a market stall.

■ Punish those who advertise sale of fish through social media.

■ Tighten control over such advertisements and summoning their owners for violating the law.

Al-Suwayan called on the municipality to take the necessary legal measures to work to deter the owners of this phenomenon by setting up an organized and stable mechanism to monitor market positions in the eastern front (a permanent control point) to eliminate this uncivilized and bad phenomenon, prevent random sales and monitor roving cars while working to restore auction of fish inside the markets in Sharq and Fahaheel.

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