The human resources sector of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation has announced the start of receiving applications for qualifying companies and advanced training institutes to implement training programs.

The sector said that registration has been opened to qualify local and foreign companies and entities specialized in the field of training and wishing to provide their training services, reports a local Arabic daily.

The KPC explained the registration started from today, May 1, 2022, and indicated that this qualification is also limited to new companies and training institutes that are currently not qualified by KPC, and companies and training bodies that wish to add new training fields that were not previously qualified by KPC.

The qualification application will be reviewed based on the following evaluation criteria:

– Number of years of training experience
– Qualifications and experience of trainers and their number
– Local and international awards received by the training body
– Number of programs approved by international bodies
– Recommendation letters from previous clients
– A copy of the training contracts that have been implemented
– Audited financial budgets for the last three years
– Quality Certificate (ISO 9001) or its equivalent.

The application should be on the following website and after obtaining the user name) and (password) and then filling out the required data electronically.

The automated system will not accept any requests that do not fulfill the required data in the electronic form for the qualification request.

The KPC will review and evaluate the companies and applicants that have fulfilled the required data in the electronic form for the qualification application and they will be notified in writing of acceptance or rejection, within (60) days from the date of the end of the registration period.

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